A Million Tears A Million Tears is a mighty epic, the first of four books chronicling the life of the Griffiths family. A tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth - this is the story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.Order Download First Chapter
The Tears Of War And Peace It is 1911 and David Griffiths is in London. He gets caught up in the suffragette movement and falls in love with Emily. Against the backdrop of women's fight for votes and the looming First World War, the Griffithses build a vast, sprawling company encompassing banking, aircraft manufacturing and whisky distilling.Order Download First Chapter
Turmoil Paul Henke's new TIFAT thriller has Nick Hunter and his team in pursuit of a group of ruthless fanatical terrorists whose mission is to explode 'dirty' bombs in London and Paris. The desperate chase takes Hunter and his men from the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal to Pakistan and Afghanistan and finally to Venice and the Orient Express and a violent and terrifying confrontation with the enemy.Order
Silent Tears Paul Henke has always enthralled readers with books full of passion and adventure. In Silent Tears his readers will be captivated as three generations of the Griffiths family struggle to meet the challenges of their time. From the depths of the depression and the rise of fascism to the abdication of Edward VIII and the Spanish Civil War, Henke’s meticulous research brings the period and vibrant characters to life.Order Download First Chapter
Corruption When Richard Griffiths meets attractive Andrea Nelson he is expecting nothing more than a holiday romance. But soon he is embroiled in a sinister web of deceit and corruption which reaches into the highest levels of the European Parliament. As atrocity follows atrocity,Richard’s cousin, Commander Nick Hunter RN, of The International Force Against Terrorism is called in to chase down the villians before more innocent lives are lost. In a fight against time this is Henke at his page turning best.Order
Shadow of a Tear September 1945. The war in Europe is over. It is a time of hope, as people rebuild their lives and look to the future. With the shadow of communism steadily growing, fear grips the western world. Although Sir David Griffiths had decided to take a back seat in world politics, he is drawn into fighting a web of crime and espionage in order to protect his family. His daughter, Susan, aspires to be a Member of Parliament; his son, Richard, works with MI6 and with time his POW mental scars begin to heal. Order

Anarchy at Chipping Steam Fair, Preston

No please don’t panic!  The Fair is absolutely fine.  We mean Paul’s new book Anarchy, which was just released in paperback, will be available for sale at the Steam Fair.  Paul attended this show last year and he says it is a great family day out.

Paul Henke - Anarchy Cover - wee

It is on for 3 days Saturday 23rd May to Monday 26th May.  A lovely way to spend a Bank Holiday and pick up a signed copy of Anarchy for your summer holiday.

What is it about?

” Nick Hunter is up to his neck in trouble. He’s on his own and a simple job has gone wrong. He finds himself up against a UK criminal boss as well as a foreign General with political ambitions based on Islamic fundamentalism. Both need to be stopped. But how are they connected? Can he use one to take out the other? Fast paced and thought provoking this is another page turner from the annals of The International Force Against Terrorism (TIFAT). This is non-stop adventure from beginning to end. A riveting story told by a master story teller.”


Audio book on its way !

At this time of the year my thoughts turn to spring and summer. I’m a warm blooded kind of person. I like it sunny and hot. It means barbeques, cold beers and cool wine.

It also means wandering the UK appearing at events, doing the all important promotional work. So I’ll be travelling far and wide, from the north of Scotland to deepest South Wales and many places in between. My website shows where I will be and when. I have many more to add and should be finalising details by Easter.

Paul records A Million TearsThe big news is that we are creating an audio book of A Million Tears. This is something Dorothy and I have been talking about for the last four years. Thanks to the incredible knowledge and ability of Philip Marno, the books producer, we should have the finished article in about 4 or 5 weeks. Philip has been amazing – without him we would have been lost.

The book is being narrated by …… ME ! Of course, like many people, I don’t like the sound of my own voice but I am told by the associate producer (Dorothy) that it works well.

When it’s available for download I’ll let you know.

Readers all over the world have been downloading my books via Kindle.  We have had a flurry of reviews on amazon.com for A Million Tears.  We plan to offer it as a FREE download over Easter. It is sitting at 98 reviews at the moment – we are wondering whether you could help us get this to over 100? Just click A Million Tears and write your comments. We would be very grateful. If you have already written a review then a huge thank you.  It makes a significant difference when we offer Kindle promotions

Anarchy is now typeset and the book cover has been designed. It should be available in paperback by the end of May at the latest.  I will do another blog when we are ready to take orders. 

I hope to see you sometime, somewhere, during my travels this Spring, Summer and Autumn. Just check the Book Signing schedule for dates and venues.

Happy Easter when it arrives.


New Kindle? FREE Dowload of The Seventh Circle 6th,7th 8th February.

If you have just received a new kindle,why not download the FREE copy of The Seventh Circle this weekend? Please let others know also. Paul’s new thriller Anarchy is also available on Kindle and his new political thriller is now with the publisher. So 2015 is looking at being quite an exciting year. Paul aims to have this first part of his new saga ready for next Christmas. As it is a period of history he has not written about before, he has a lot of research to do.


Never to be forgotten

Armistice day not only brings a lump to my throat but tears to my eyes. And this year with the centenary coverage, more people than ever have been reflecting on the bravery of those that fought.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Churchill was talking about the RAF and what we now know as the Battle of Britain, but it equally applies to our brave military across the ages. The First World War was so barbaric we thought it could never happen again in Europe. How wrong we were!

Two films I watch whenever they are on the television. The Longest Day and The Battle of Britain. There are moments in the films that I find incredibly moving. Such as when Lord Lovat and his Highlanders are marching to save a group of commandos who had captured an important bridge. The piper marching with the men is a sight that stirs my blood.

Then, in the Battle of Britain, the Polish squadron are in the air. They’re still undergoing training. German fighters appear and the Poles sheer off one by one to attack. They pretend their radio isn’t working so they ignore their instructor not to attack. What a moment!

poppyI served 25 years as a Royal Naval officer between the RN and the RNR. I qualified as a Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Officer in the RN and over the years I met a number of Bomb Disposal Engineers from WW2. Their bravery was inspiring yet at the same time they showed humility for their achievements. When they told their stories – if you could get them to talk about them – it was always in an understated manner.

The field of poppies at the Tower of London is probably the finest tribute to our dead that I have seen. It is awesome as well as dreadful to think of the lives represented and the sacrifice made by men and women so that we are free today.

And what do politicians do? All words and no action when it comes to looking after the troops. But no surprise there.

On a totally different note we have put together some Christmas specials and also are offering a FREE download of A Million Tears today (16th Nov). Finally Dorothy has asked me to mention a great new book 60 Minute Business Transformation  by Martin Robertson.  Dorothy knows Martin and is so impressed by the book she is telling everyone about it.  If you are in business this is well worth a read.

Why am I an author?

It’s an interesting question because, believe me, it’s not for the money. As a small child I loved making up stories and games and I lived in a wonderful world of make believe. At school this translated into writing essays which always gave me pleasure.

I can escape real life and control the actions of my characters. Well mostly.  It is difficult to explain – for sometimes it feels like they have lives of their own. When I am engrossed in writing I don’t always know where David, Sion, Nick, Susan and the others are taking me.  Dorothy tells the story of bringing me in a cup if coffee when I was writing Tears II and I said “Sion’s on a train and has met this women Kirsty – it wasn’t meant to happen – I don’t know where it will lead!!”  That unexpected twist that readers enjoy so much – it is even more exciting for the writer. This has resulted in me being wide awake in the middle of the night more times than I care to remember.

I can also ensure a happy ending to a story when we all know happy endings are often not the outcome of real life events.

But there is another element to why I write and that is the effect on others. I have had many e-mails and letters over the years from people who have been kind enough to tell me they have enjoyed my books. I have received messages that both humble me and make me glad that I do what I do.

I’d like to share part of an email I received a couple of weeks ago:

“Mary had survived the 2nd world war age12 by sleeping under her bed with a torch and a mattress surrounded by her books. She escaped into another life and forgot the horrors of war.

Mary read all your books during her 3 years of cancer and took great comfort reading them until her final exit.

 I was looking for a gift for Christmas and when I saw you with your books little did I know the comfort you would bring over the next 2 years. I bought 3 books and mum was delighted with her gifts.  I then bought more from you the next year for mum’s birthday and you were very kind as to pop in with them to her home. That day you made a very old lady’s day. Mum enjoyed your visit and was always interested in everyone she met. You were top of her list.
Thank you so very much for your kindness and for helping Mary through a very painful 6 weeks before she died.”

As I say very humbling and Dorothy shed a few tears at reading this heartfelt email.  I asked Mary’s daughter if I could share the above.  To me it is a tribute to every writer whose occupation is frequently a lonely one. There are very few writers who gain the public acknowledgement, the plaudits and awards.  To me the words of Mary’s daughter are worth a million accolades.

On that sobering note I would just like to say that A Million Tears is being promoted on Sunday 30th and Monday 31st March on Kindle and you can download it for the giveaway price of nothing, nil, nada, gratis, zilch – you get the message.  And finally to all the Mums out there – have a wonderful well deserved Mothering Sunday.

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