Christmas Greetings and News

I know it isn’t just me but it seems Christmas comes around more quickly as each year passes! That’s the moan out of the way, now for some good news. The new TIFAT book is being published by Methuen on 18th December. It is titled Retribution and deals with the smuggling of people into Europe. […]

West Highland Way

The nights are getting longer, the days shorter (a bit self evident) and the weather is becoming colder. It means the fire is lit every evening and the central heating is on around 16.00 – I’m warm blooded, you see. Really I was meant for sunnier climes! But the Scottish climate never fails to amaze […]

Summer reading and a FREE download

This is the time of year to sit in the garden, in the shade, having a glass or two of Pimms, or a glass of wine – any colour. The BBQ is lit, the meat is sizzling, the salad is ready oh, and you’ve got a good book to read. You see what good fiction […]

Skydiving in Switzerland

“Dropping through space was exhilarating. In the warm cocoon of their suits, breathing oxygen, the false sense of security left them with a feeling that was indescribable. There was no fear, no thought as to what might happen if their parachutes failed. Just an adrenaline rush that was completely intoxicating. In the moonlight they could […]

Audio book on its way !

At this time of the year my thoughts turn to spring and summer. I’m a warm blooded kind of person. I like it sunny and hot. It means barbeques, cold beers and cool wine. It also means wandering the UK appearing at events, doing the all important promotional work. So I’ll be travelling far and […]

Never to be forgotten

Armistice day not only brings a lump to my throat but tears to my eyes. And this year with the centenary coverage, more people than ever have been reflecting on the bravery of those that fought. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Churchill was […]

A strong United Kingdom

What a crazy few weeks here in Scotland. When asked I say I am British. I am proud to be Welsh AND British. And Dorothy feels the same about being Scottish. We don’t feel that you should have to choose. So we are delighted with the result of the referendum. Dorothy and I worked hard […]

Summer is here (I think!)

Summer is here at last but no global warming when you need it! Where’s the sunshine? You will be able to see from my website the country wide tour I am undertaking, visiting agricultural shows, steam engine shows, as well as giving talks to Rotary Clubs from Fife to Cardiff! Thanks to what I do […]

Why am I an author?

It’s an interesting question because, believe me, it’s not for the money. As a small child I loved making up stories and games and I lived in a wonderful world of make believe. At school this translated into writing essays which always gave me pleasure. I can escape real life and control the actions of […]

A dry January

The heading refers to my liquid intake – not the weather which is far from dry. My New Year’s resolution was not to drink alcohol throughout January. Now bear in mind I am an author and I have a tradition and even an obligation to maintain the reputation that authors are hard-drinking blaggards. Only kidding, […]

Autumn and Italy

Autumn already! At a few book signings recently I have autographed and personalised books with the words “A Merry Christmas” !!!!!  All bought by women who already are ticking things off their Christmas list. As with most men of my acquaintance, I will naturally be Christmas shopping around the evening of the 24th December in […]

On the Move

It’s that time of year when I’ll be touring bits of the UK doing book-signings at agricultural shows and similar events. I enjoy these enormously as I meet a lot of friendly people who stop and chat and peruse my books. Of course, my latest, Corruption, about the shenanigans that are going on in the […]

Spring is nearly sprung

A lovely time of year. Of course Spring brings optimism and hope, not to mention snow-drops and daffodils. I was taken to see Die Hard 5 for a birthday treat last Friday. Bruce Willis and his son are shot at, thrown about, leap tall buildings, have more car crashes in an hour than 1,000 people […]

Faith and Fundamentalism

Like everybody else I know, I have no problem with what faith people have. I want to live in a tolerant world where people are free to enjoy their religion and take comfort from their beliefs.  Tolerance surely has to be the most important aspect of life and sadly one which, in certain parts of […]

The Season of Goodwill?

We are coming up to the season of goodwill to all men. The problem is, I can find very little of it. Across the world there are wars, people dying unnecessarily and children starving. In Europe we have tens of thousands now having to go to soup kitchens. They are losing their homes and their […]

Autumn and a free download for the longer evenings!

Go, sit upon the lofty hill, And turn your eyes around, Where waving woods and waters wild Do hymn an autumn sound. The summer sun is faint on them — The summer flowers depart — Sit still — as all transform’d to stone, Except your musing heart. Not mine. Written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in […]

Bella Italia – (the country not the restaurant)

Dorothy and I have just spent 11 days back-packing in Italy and Switzerland. It was great fun. It all started at the airport when we arrived with relatively small bags slung over our shoulders. Other passengers were dragging massive suitcases behind them – I must admit to a feeling of superiority over the poor souls […]

Scotland the Beautiful

In the last two weeks we have visited 2 islands. We spent a weekend at the Auchrannie Hotel and Spa resort on Arran and on Saturday we had a day in Mull visiting our nephew Robert. It really brought home to Dorothy and I the vastness and the unspoilt beauty on our doorstep. I was […]

A New Year & A Good Read

Two weeks into January already. 2012 has arrived and I have now stopped using 2011 every time I write a date! Festivities are over and it’s back to reality. Or at least it is for most people. Me? I’m lucky. I can live in a world of my own making, my own choosing where the […]

Christmas and Status Quo

Christmas is approaching, and approaching fast. The time gap between last Christmas and this is shorter than in previous years. This fact I have become aware of each year for about the last ten. Is there anybody else who has found the same? Which means, come this Christmas, Christmas 2012 will be around Easter time. […]

Stop Press

  • Coming soon – Retribution

    Release date of the new Nick Hunter adventure is 18th December – just in time for Christmas. Read about what Nick and his team are up to:

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  • The Candidate – new Richard Griffiths thriller launched.

    Paul’s new thriller is now available on Kindle.  Although based loosely on some events he was involved in, the characters are all fictional.  An insight into the murky world of politics? Richard Griffiths is in a quandary: he wants his country back. Having sat on the side-lines for too long he realises he has to […]

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