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Date posted: September 23, 2014

What a crazy few weeks here in Scotland. When asked I say I am British. I am proud to be Welsh AND British. And Dorothy feels the same about being Scottish. We don’t feel that you should have to choose. So we are delighted with the result of the referendum. Dorothy and I worked hard with the Better Together team to keep Scotland as a strong part of the UK.

In the run up to the referendum I diagnosed a new form of stress. We’ve all heard of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, well Dorothy was suffering similar symptoms only not as severe.  It’s known as PRSD – Pre Referendum Stress Disorder. Luckily, now that the day has past, she is on the mend and should be back to her happy, jolly self quite soon. Hopefully, a week’s holiday in Switzerland will help.

As a celebration that the Union has been saved, this weekend we are offering free on Kindle both A Million Tears AND Mayhem.  The offer starts on Friday morning through to Sunday evening. Please tell your friends and contacts as it is a very special offer not to be repeated.

I’m frequently asked what’s coming next. Well, there’s a new Nick Hunter due out on e-books in about 3 weeks and in paperback in time for Christmas. We’ll let you know. I am also writing a new thriller. It’s different from my usual style as it is more political. I’m over halfway through and intend having it published before the next election.

That’s all folks. Happy reading and let’s hope for that this very pleasant autumn weather continues.

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