Ambitious Alleysia Raduyev has inherited the family business –
the largest crime cartel in Georgia. Operating on the classic theory of supply and demand, she caters for her customers’ every desire – narcotics, arms, prostitution, forced labour. Her payroll has extended to include lawmakers and law enforcers. No one is safe from her tyranny and oppression.

Power base secured, Alleysia moves on to her next objective – the formation of a super crime cartel, whose actions will result in global chaos. As a deterrent to those who would oppose her, she chooses the ultimate weapon – three nuclear warheads.

Desperate to prevent a new, anarchic world order, the West declares World War III against the cartels and their terror organisations. As violence
escalates, the now battle-hardened troops of TIFAT are pitched against their toughest adversary yet.

Spearheading the battle is Lt. Cdr. Nick Hunter, the fearless explosives and diving specialist seconded to The International Force Against Terrorism.

Paul Henke’s latest TIFAT novel is a clarion call to the Western world as it comes to grips with the realities of modern terrorism.


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