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Following a summit meeting in Paris, an alliance of interested countries form an elite force to combat terrorism. Then without warning the terrorists strike. A group of bankers, politicians and industrialists are taken prisoner off the coast of Scotland. As stock markets go crazy, the state sponsoring the terrorism makes a fortune. Débâcle, the first in the Nick Hunter series, sees terrorist Aziz Habib being hunted down, using satellite tracking, high tech weaponry and an international coalition that must not fail.

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  • Gumshoe 3 – The Sandover Twins Case now launched

    Frank O’Brian  is now an established Gumshoe living and working in New York. He has survived the horrors of WWII made more dangerous due to his time in the Special Operations Executive. However, his training has enabled him to bring unique talents to his chosen profession. His latest case involves the Sandover twins. One has […]

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