A Million Tears A Million Tears is a mighty epic, the first of four books chronicling the life of the Griffiths family. A tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth - this is the story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.Order Download First Chapter
The Tears Of War And Peace It is 1911 and David Griffiths is in London. He gets caught up in the suffragette movement and falls in love with Emily. Against the backdrop of women's fight for votes and the looming First World War, the Griffithses build a vast, sprawling company encompassing banking, aircraft manufacturing and whisky distilling.Order Download First Chapter
Turmoil Paul Henke's new TIFAT thriller has Nick Hunter and his team in pursuit of a group of ruthless fanatical terrorists whose mission is to explode 'dirty' bombs in London and Paris. The desperate chase takes Hunter and his men from the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal to Pakistan and Afghanistan and finally to Venice and the Orient Express and a violent and terrifying confrontation with the enemy.Order
Silent Tears Paul Henke has always enthralled readers with books full of passion and adventure. In Silent Tears his readers will be captivated as three generations of the Griffiths family struggle to meet the challenges of their time. From the depths of the depression and the rise of fascism to the abdication of Edward VIII and the Spanish Civil War, Henke’s meticulous research brings the period and vibrant characters to life.Order Download First Chapter
Corruption When Richard Griffiths meets attractive Andrea Nelson he is expecting nothing more than a holiday romance. But soon he is embroiled in a sinister web of deceit and corruption which reaches into the highest levels of the European Parliament. As atrocity follows atrocity,Richard’s cousin, Commander Nick Hunter RN, of The International Force Against Terrorism is called in to chase down the villians before more innocent lives are lost. In a fight against time this is Henke at his page turning best.Order
Shadow of a Tear September 1945. The war in Europe is over. It is a time of hope, as people rebuild their lives and look to the future. With the shadow of communism steadily growing, fear grips the western world. Although Sir David Griffiths had decided to take a back seat in world politics, he is drawn into fighting a web of crime and espionage in order to protect his family. His daughter, Susan, aspires to be a Member of Parliament; his son, Richard, works with MI6 and with time his POW mental scars begin to heal. Order

Happy Easter

Although Balfron is still waiting on the “hosts of golden daffodils”, we do have good news on numerous fronts this Easter weekend.

First of all my new website will be up and running within the next fortnight. And for those who were wondering, yes, it will be mobile responsive. I would also rejoice at the news if I knew what it meant!

I don’t know about you guys but have you ever wondered how much our language has changed in the last few decades. New words and phrases have been showering down upon us since the world wide web and the digital age blanketed us. Bring back parchment and the quill I say – or at least a Parker 51 fountain pen like the one my parents gave me when I passed my 11 plus. I still use it today!

Also this weekend A Million Tears and  Gumshoe I, The Van Owen Case are free on Amazon.

A Million Tears is doing well as an audio book and we are in the middle of producing the Gumshoe stories (3 of them) as well as Mayhem as audio downloads on Amazon.

A very Happy Easter to you all and enjoy your chocolate.

Red Weather Alert

The weather is diabolical, the roads treacherous and the wind chill factor enough to freeze anatomical parts of brass monkeys. A don’t think I can ever remember a RED weather alert – we get plenty of YELLOWS in Central Scotland and I do remember some AMBERS.  It is a worry if you have loved ones out on the road. Dorothy and I are at home today by a warm fire. Our daughter is a teacher and the school is closed for at least today and tomorrow. And our son reports NO snow in the town he lives in in Switzerland although it is very cold there. So we can relax and not worry about their safety.

My recommendation to all is to bunker down, have a coffee/tea/glass of wine/large whisky (whatever takes your fancy) but most importantly with a good book to read. Alternatively, a good book to listen to as A Million Tears is now available as an audio book from Audible. It’s narrated by yours truly though my dulcet Welsh tones don’t quite have the timbre and depth of Richard Burton!  Audible also have a special deal if you take out a subscription – I believe you get the first book free.  The book is unabridged and almost 20 hours of listening!

My latest novel, “Retribution”, a TIFAT thriller is also available from any good bookshop or directly from me.

Happy reading and stay safe and warm.



A Million Tears Audio launched !

The year has started with some excitement on the book front.

A MILLION TEARS has been produced as an audio book and is available on audible.co.uk as well as on Amazon.

The story is unabridged and is nearly 20 hours long! The narrator has a sophisticated and compelling voice albeit with a Welsh accent – ME!!!

I have found it is most peculiar to hear my voice reading an audio novel.   However other people have told me I come across well though I am certainly not in the Richard Burton league.  The whole process was quite labour intensive and surprisingly tiring. I doubt I would have persevered had it not been for the skill and tenacity of our producer Philip Marno.  Not to mention his patience when dealing with yours truly!

Also, RETRIBUTION, my new TIFAT thriller, has been published by Methuen Publishing Ltd. It will shortly be available on Amazon but in the meantime you can order signed copies directly from me. I hadn’t realised until I saw the book how big it was –  529 pages.

At Christmas Dorothy and I received a restaurant voucher for a meal plus taster wines at a restaurant called 6 by Nico from our children. So at the end of the second week in January we booked a night at the Radisson and enjoyed a superb meal at the restaurant. There were 6 courses each with a separate wine chosen by the restaurant to compliment the food. It was a most enjoyable evening. What better way to spend a dreich couple of January days in Scotland.

I am currently spending weekends at Merchant Square in Glasgow and will continue to do so whenever I am not at an Agricultural or Vintage Steam Engine Show. It is a beautiful building with a very extensive range of high quality crafts – I am delighted they accepted my application to be there.

If you enjoy audible books or if you are new to them but fancy giving them a try please check out A Million Tears and let me know what you think. Also I would appreciate if you spread the word to any audio book listeners that you know.   Paul

Paul in Glasgow Merchant Square 10th and 11th February


Paul will be signing copies of his books at Merchant Square, Glasgow this weekend.

He will be signing copies of his new book Retribution.  We are delighted to say that Paul’s book HAVOC has also just been reprinted by Methuen.

Although written 8 years ago it is very pertinent to what is happening in the world today. It has been out of print for some time and many readers have been asking for a copy.


For fans of A Million Tears

BLISS – A mug of coffee and a good book !!

A Million Tears Mug 2Buy a beautiful bone china mug created by the renowned Barbara Davidson Pottery of Larbert. Barbara’s husband, Brian, was a great fan of Paul’s books and it had been his idea, in the last few months of his life, that they should create a series of mugs of Paul’s book jackets. Barbara remembered this and has worked with us to create the first mug! And she came up with the above strapline.

To order Click here

Stop Press

  • The Candidate – new Richard Griffiths thriller launched.

    Paul’s new thriller is now available on Kindle.  Although based loosely on some events he was involved in, the characters are all fictional.  An insight into the murky world of politics? Richard Griffiths is in a quandary: he wants his country back. Having sat on the side-lines for too long he realises he has to […]

    Read More

How to Order

For books which are available in paperback (NOT Gumshoe unfortunately) you can buy copies directly from us by paying with Paypal or you can get the Kindle version via Amazon

You can also download and print an order form here

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