A Million Tears A Million Tears is a mighty epic, the first of four books chronicling the life of the Griffiths family. A tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth - this is the story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.Order Download First Chapter
The Tears Of War And Peace It is 1911 and David Griffiths is in London. He gets caught up in the suffragette movement and falls in love with Emily. Against the backdrop of women's fight for votes and the looming First World War, the Griffithses build a vast, sprawling company encompassing banking, aircraft manufacturing and whisky distilling.Order Download First Chapter
Turmoil Paul Henke's new TIFAT thriller has Nick Hunter and his team in pursuit of a group of ruthless fanatical terrorists whose mission is to explode 'dirty' bombs in London and Paris. The desperate chase takes Hunter and his men from the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal to Pakistan and Afghanistan and finally to Venice and the Orient Express and a violent and terrifying confrontation with the enemy.Order
Silent Tears Paul Henke has always enthralled readers with books full of passion and adventure. In Silent Tears his readers will be captivated as three generations of the Griffiths family struggle to meet the challenges of their time. From the depths of the depression and the rise of fascism to the abdication of Edward VIII and the Spanish Civil War, Henke’s meticulous research brings the period and vibrant characters to life.Order Download First Chapter
Corruption When Richard Griffiths meets attractive Andrea Nelson he is expecting nothing more than a holiday romance. But soon he is embroiled in a sinister web of deceit and corruption which reaches into the highest levels of the European Parliament. As atrocity follows atrocity,Richard’s cousin, Commander Nick Hunter RN, of The International Force Against Terrorism is called in to chase down the villians before more innocent lives are lost. In a fight against time this is Henke at his page turning best.Order
Shadow of a Tear September 1945. The war in Europe is over. It is a time of hope, as people rebuild their lives and look to the future. With the shadow of communism steadily growing, fear grips the western world. Although Sir David Griffiths had decided to take a back seat in world politics, he is drawn into fighting a web of crime and espionage in order to protect his family. His daughter, Susan, aspires to be a Member of Parliament; his son, Richard, works with MI6 and with time his POW mental scars begin to heal. Order

Paul in Banchory and Whitehill, Aberdeen 9th and 10th December


Paul will be signing copies of his books at the Focus Crafts Christmas Fayre in the town Hall in Banchory on 9th Decemberand in Ashdale Hall, in Whitehill, Aberdeen on Sunday 10th December.

We are delighted to say that Paul’s book HAVOC has just been reprinted by Methuen.

Although written 8 years ago it is very pertinent to what is happening in the world today. It has been out of print for some time and many readers have been asking for a copy.


For fans of A Million Tears

BLISS – A mug of coffee and a good book !!

A Million Tears Mug 2Buy a beautiful bone china mug created by the renowned Barbara Davidson Pottery of Larbert. Barbara’s husband, Brian, was a great fan of Paul’s books and it had been his idea, in the last few months of his life, that they should create a series of mugs of Paul’s book jackets. Barbara remembered this and has worked with us to create the first mug! And she came up with the above strapline.

To order Click here

West Highland Way

The nights are getting longer, the days shorter (a bit self evident) and the weather is becoming colder.

It means the fire is lit every evening and the central heating is on around 16.00 – I’m warm blooded, you see. Really I was meant for sunnier climes!

But the Scottish climate never fails to amaze – was a beautiful sunny day so Dorothy and I decided to do another stretch of the West Highland Way. This is a 96 mile walk from just north of Glasgow to Fort William. Lots of people walk it in a week.

Dorothy and I decided to do it in short bursts and started in 2011 !!. We may Loch Lomond WHWwell get into the record books as the longest elapsed time to completion. And at the rate we are going the last part may be with zimmer frames for support.

As my excuse I tend to be book signing every weekend during the summer months. But the other reason is we only walk on sunny days when there are no midges. So yesterday was perfect.

We drove to Tarbet and took the ferry to Rowardennan.

The weather was warm and sunny, the ferry small and cosy, the free coffee more than acceptable. We met a very nice Scot called Peter. Peter now lives in New Zealand but had returned to Scotland to visit family and friends.  As we (i.e. Dorothy) had forgotten a camera, Peter kindly took our picture as we got off the ferry at Rowerdennan.

From there we walked to Inversnaid – 7 miles! It was a case of up hill and down dale, walking through the woods.The walk was exhilarating and at the end of the 7 miles we had a glow of achievement. I know, I know! Not much of an achievement, not when compared to my sister-in-law, Patricia who can climb a Munro (hill over 3,000ft) before breakfast. Or Nick and Ruth yomping 20 miles through the desert in Mayhem.

Still, Dorothy and I enjoyed the day, we are now over a third of the way with only 62 miles to go.

Anyway, I’m out and about most weekends from now to Christmas. Please take a look at my schedule on the website  and if you have the time, I hope to see you at one of the events.


Summer reading and a FREE download

This is the time of year to sit in the garden, in the shade, having a glass or two of Pimms, or a glass of wine – any colour.

The BBQ is lit, the meat is sizzling, the salad is ready oh, and you’ve got a good book to read.happy wine drinker

You see what good fiction I am able to write when I can dream up such a scenario?

The reality? Freezing cold, shivering with a blanket over the shoulders, the BBQ alight under an umbrella (to prove what a hardy race we are), a hot toddy to hand, with only one redeeming feature in the whole scenario – a good book.

For those of us who are discombobulated by the weather (for those who don’t know the word is the antonym of combobulated) we have a special offer. To help you get through this long, dreich ( a great Scottish word) summer, we are giving a free copy of The Seventh Circle this weekend.  Just CLICK HERE to get your copy.

The story won’t help with the burnt meat, the lousy weather, the noisy and grumbling kids unable to go out and play but it will take you on a roller-coaster of a ride where the end is, as always, a happy one.

I’d be delighted to see you as I am out and about at events this summer. Over the next 6 weeks I will be in Banchory, Stranraer. Perth, Wigtown, Stewarty, Stonehaven, Keith, Peebles, Chipping and Shrewsbury.

Enjoy what’s left of your summer and remember. On the Continent the temperature has been soaring into the high thirties even the low forties. Which is far too hot. Damn, there’s no satisfying some people. Or is it that I am becoming a grumpy old(ish) man? Heaven forbid!


Skydiving in Switzerland

“Dropping through space was exhilarating. In the warm cocoon of their suits, breathing oxygen, the false sense of security left them with a feeling that was indescribable. There was no fear, no thought as to what might happen if their parachutes failed. Just an adrenaline rush that was completely intoxicating. In the moonlight they could see lights scattered for miles across the country.”

Extract from Mayhem. A Nick Hunter thriller

I guess there is still dare in the old (or is that oldish?) devil yet.

I’ve just been to Sskydive free fall weewitzerland where I did a skydive. I leapt out of a perfectly sound airplane, plummeted for about 50 seconds – you know the position. Arms and legs extended, belly down, smile (or is that a grimace?) on the face. The chute opened, I dropped to a vertical position and sailed serenely towards the earth. I landed on my backside with my feet and legs in the air and slid along the ground to a halt.

Unlike Nick and Co, I did this in daylight, and was strapped to a professional skydiver.  Oh and I was not going to have to run 3 km on landing in order take out some deadly terrorists and rescue two hostages!

But since the jump, Dorothy insists on referring to me as “Nick”. If you are new to my books, Nick Hunter is the diving and bomb specialist in my TIFAT series of thrillers.

It was what I used to do. Except Nick Hunter is taller, tougher, better looking, traps the women a damn sight more easily than I did (before I met Dorothy – what did you think?) oh, and he’s also younger by about 3 decades.

Still, he’s the alter ego – in my head, that is.

Richard and I just before we set off

Richard and I just before we set off

If skydiving is something you are considering then I can strongly recommend Skydive Switzerland.  The guys were professional, re-assuring and had a good sense of humour: “Hi Paul we’ve teamed you today with Dangerous Dave !!!”

As a 65th birthday present from my sons Richard and Oliver, it was an exciting experience and great fun. Another objective ticked off my bucket list.

That’s all for now. Anarchy has just launched as a paperback and I have another thriller due pretty soon. When it’s published, I’ll be in touch. Hope to see you over the summer- I am out and about quite a bit. Next weekend (20th, 21st June) I am at the Bon Accord Steam Engine Club at Sauchen near Inverurie.  – Click here for my schedule

Stop Press

  • Coming soon – Retribution

    Release date of the new Nick Hunter adventure is 18th December – just in time for Christmas. Read about what Nick and his team are up to:

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  • The Candidate – new Richard Griffiths thriller launched.

    Paul’s new thriller is now available on Kindle.  Although based loosely on some events he was involved in, the characters are all fictional.  An insight into the murky world of politics? Richard Griffiths is in a quandary: he wants his country back. Having sat on the side-lines for too long he realises he has to […]

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