The Candidate

Richard Griffiths is in a quandary: he wants his country back. Having sat on the side-lines for too long he realises he has to take action. He wants laws made by the UK parliament and the courts to be supreme – so enters the murky world of politics. Planning on becoming an MEP, he hadn’t […]

FREE copy of the first GUMSHOE mystery

As the third Gumshoe will be launched on Kindle this weekend, we are delighted to offer a FREE Kindle dowload of the first GUMSHOE mystery. I have always liked the detective stories of the 40s and 50s so I have created Frank O’Brian, an American Private Investigator working in New York in 1946. He has […]

Let me introduce GUMSHOE

  One of my readers made a comment to me a few years ago about how much he liked novellas. Ideal he said, for a plane or train journey. So for some time I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a series of stories of less than 30,000 words but with a new character […]

A Million Tears Mugs

This beautiful bone china mug, created by the renowned Barbara Davidson Pottery of Larbert, will be the first of a series of mugs depicting Paul’s book jackets.  We are thrilled with the quality and we know Paul’s readers will enjoy sipping their tea or coffee while they get stuck into his latest novel. Numbers are […]


Nick Hunter is up to his neck in trouble. He’s on his own and a simple job has gone wrong. He finds himself up against a UK criminal boss as well as a foreign General with political ambitions based on Islamic fundamentalism. Both need to be stopped. But how are they connected? Can he use […]

Audio book on its way !

At this time of the year my thoughts turn to spring and summer. I’m a warm blooded kind of person. I like it sunny and hot. It means barbeques, cold beers and cool wine. It also means wandering the UK appearing at events, doing the all important promotional work. So I’ll be travelling far and […]

New Kindle? FREE Dowload of The Seventh Circle 6th,7th 8th February.

If you have just received a new kindle,why not download the FREE copy of The Seventh Circle this weekend? Please let others know also. Paul’s new thriller Anarchy is also available on Kindle and his new political thriller is now with the publisher. So 2015 is looking at being quite an exciting year. Paul aims […]

The Tears of War and Peace

It is 1911 and David Griffiths is in London. He gets caught up in the suffragette movement and falls in love with Emily. Against the backdrop of women’s fight for votes and the looming First World War, the Griffithses build a vast, sprawling company encompassing banking, aircraft manufacturing and whisky distilling. The enmity of a […]

Christmas special offers now available

Now that the fifth and final book in the Tears Series has been published we have decided to do two special offers. The first is The Tears Trilogy. This is a great opportunity to sample the first three books. And we also have the full Tears Saga for anyone wanting to give a very special […]

The Tears Trilogy – books 1,2 and 3

    Introduce your friends and family to the fascinating world of the Griffiths family. A Million Tears, The Tears of War and Peace and Silent Tears.  Great Christmas gift. Paul will sign and personalise all three books.

Why am I an author?

It’s an interesting question because, believe me, it’s not for the money. As a small child I loved making up stories and games and I lived in a wonderful world of make believe. At school this translated into writing essays which always gave me pleasure. I can escape real life and control the actions of […]

Shadow of a Tear – Book 5

September 1945. The war in Europe is over. It is a time of hope, as people rebuild their lives and look to the future. With the shadow of communism steadily growing, fear grips the western world. Although Sir David Griffiths had decided to take a back seat in world politics, he is drawn into fighting […]

On the Move

It’s that time of year when I’ll be touring bits of the UK doing book-signings at agricultural shows and similar events. I enjoy these enormously as I meet a lot of friendly people who stop and chat and peruse my books. Of course, my latest, Corruption, about the shenanigans that are going on in the […]

Spring is nearly sprung

A lovely time of year. Of course Spring brings optimism and hope, not to mention snow-drops and daffodils. I was taken to see Die Hard 5 for a birthday treat last Friday. Bruce Willis and his son are shot at, thrown about, leap tall buildings, have more car crashes in an hour than 1,000 people […]

Faith and Fundamentalism

Like everybody else I know, I have no problem with what faith people have. I want to live in a tolerant world where people are free to enjoy their religion and take comfort from their beliefs.  Tolerance surely has to be the most important aspect of life and sadly one which, in certain parts of […]

Shadow of a Tear now available on Kindle

We are delighted to say that the fifth and final book in the Tears Series is now available on KINDLE. Set in the post war years it is a real roller coaster of a read. As the Cold War rages and conflicts erupt around the world, the next generation of the Griffiths family fight in […]

Privacy & Cookies

Cookie Usage We currently only set one cookie on this website. It is used in the analysis of visitor behaviour which allows us to improve the usability and usefulness of the website. The data collection and reporting behind this analysis is currently provided by Google Analytics. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information but they […]

Scotland the Beautiful

In the last two weeks we have visited 2 islands. We spent a weekend at the Auchrannie Hotel and Spa resort on Arran and on Saturday we had a day in Mull visiting our nephew Robert. It really brought home to Dorothy and I the vastness and the unspoilt beauty on our doorstep. I was […]

Thank You

things you should know about paperstrack my phone�what you don’t know about papers may shock you Thank you for your order.

Stop Press

  • Gumshoe 3 – The Sandover Twins Case now launched

    Frank O’Brian  is now an established Gumshoe living and working in New York. He has survived the horrors of WWII made more dangerous due to his time in the Special Operations Executive. However, his training has enabled him to bring unique talents to his chosen profession. His latest case involves the Sandover twins. One has […]

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