Paul Henke’s new TIFAT thriller has Nick Hunter and his team in pursuit of a group of ruthless fanatical terrorists whose mission is to explode ‘dirty’ bombs in London and Paris. The desperate chase takes Hunter and his men from the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal to Pakistan and Afghanistan and finally to Venice and […]


Europe is a seething cauldron of hatred. Islamophobia and xenophobia sweep the continent as incessant terrorist atrocities terrify the population. Legal and illegal immigrants are blamed for attacking the white, Christian establishment. Whipped up by the press, non-whites and non-Christians are being hounded and persecuted in retaliation for the deaths caused by the terrorists. A […]


Ambitious Alleysia Raduyev has inherited the family business – the largest crime cartel in Georgia. Operating on the classic theory of supply and demand, she caters for her customers’ every desire – narcotics, arms, prostitution, forced labour. Her payroll has extended to include lawmakers and law enforcers. No one is safe from her tyranny and […]


The Nick Hunter adventures continue faster and greater than ever. TIFAT is now an established force combating terrorism throughout the world, made up of Western, Russian and other non-aligned countries’ fighting froces. As terrorist incident follows terrorist incident a pattern emerges. Only when David Golightly, Deputy prime minister of Israel contacts TIFAT does the jigsaw […]


what to do about papers before it’s too late spy apps� top five funny papers quotes three ways mobile can make you invinciblejailbreak ios 9.26 warning signs of your mobile demise Following a summit meeting in Paris, an alliance of interested countries form an elite force to combat terrorism. Then without warning the terrorists strike. […]

Silent Tears – Book 3

Paul Henke has always enthralled readers with books full of passion and adventure. In Silent Tears his readers will be captivated as three generations of the Griffiths family struggle to meet the challenges of their time. From the depths of the depression and the rise of fascism to the abdication of Edward VIII and the […]

Phoenix Rising

Stephen Yorke works for Phoenix, a shadowy organisation specialising in deniable, black operations. When they are attacked and virtually wiped out Yorke turns from being the hunter to the hunted! With his stepson taken hostage, Yorke needs all of his ruthless determination to fight back. Who is he fighting and who can he trust? Pursued […]


“An unquenchable thirst for daring and creativity” The Sunday Times “A fascinating blend of family intrigue and historical accuracy makes this a compelling read.” Julie Peasgood, Actress “I smelt the coal dust in Wales and the drinks on the boat and I felt the dust in my eyes as I fought alongside Evan.” Peter Claydon, […]

Paul Henke : Author of the ‘Tears’ Series

Paul has led an extraordinary life. Born and raised in the mining valleys of South Wales, his father was a Polish immigrant who came to the UK during the Second World War. Paul was educated at Pontypridd Boys’ Grammar and from an early age had a burning desire to be a Royal Naval officer. Having […]

Paul Henke author : a quick update

Paul is now in the middle of writing THE BIG ONE – the fifth and final Tears book. As his biggest fan I am really looking forward to that. We had a fantastic trip to Hungary and stayed at the world famous Gellert Hotel in Budapest. Paul will be out and about book signing in […]

The Sunday Post

“Star” interview with Paul in the Books section. Thanks to Robert White. Authors, they say, shouldwrite about what they know. In that case, fast-paced thrillers, anti-terrorismand international espionage are right up Paul Henke’s street. As a Lieutenant Commander and underwater explosives expert with the Royal Navy, Paul led acrack team of bomb disposal divers, captained […]


A Million Tears A Million Tears is a mighty epic, the first of four books chronicling the life of the Griffiths family. A tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth – this is the story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.Order Download […]

Speaking Events 2016

Paul has given a significant number of talks around the country. His background is fascinating and he has many anecdotes of his time in the Royal Navy, Africa and America. He is currently doing a new tour of speaking events, talking about the background to his latest thriller Corruption. In 2012/2016 he gave talks in […]

Book Signings 2018 Dates

This page will be updated on a regular basis to give dates and locations.  Paul will be delighted if you can manage along to meet him.  Sat 17th – Sun 8th April, Merchant Square Glasgow, 12.00 noon – 6:00 pm Sat 14th – Sun 15th April, Merchant Square Glasgow, 12.00 noon – 6:00 pm Sat 21st […]

Stop Press

  • The Candidate – new Richard Griffiths thriller launched.

    Paul’s new thriller is now available on Kindle.  Although based loosely on some events he was involved in, the characters are all fictional.  An insight into the murky world of politics? Richard Griffiths is in a quandary: he wants his country back. Having sat on the side-lines for too long he realises he has to […]

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